Are you looking to order a Tesla Model 3 soon? You might be waiting a while for it to show up at your local Showroom to accept delivery if you are in the United States. According to Tesla’s online Design Studio, demand for the all-electric sedan’s Long Range All-Wheel-Drive variant continues to skyrocket, and new order delivery dates are being prolonged to dates as late as November. Currently, expected delivery is slated at between 10-16 weeks for the Model 3 configuration. Demand for the vehicle is still rising, just in time for the company to open a new production plant in Texas that will assist consumers’ ever-growing want for the car.

Tesla’s all-electric vehicles, especially its mass-market Model 3 and Model Y, have been among the most popular EVs globally. In mid-June, we reported that the Long Range Model Y was nearly sold out for Q3 as estimated delivery dates had extended to the final month of the quarter. The demand for the Model 3 has evidently surpassed that of its automotive sibling, with delivery dates for the Model 3 extending into mid-November.

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Tesla Has A Hard Time Keeping Up With Model 3 Demand - Pushes Back Delivery Times

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