The Bronco’s roof has been a point of frustration for Ford and prospective owners since well before the SUV started being delivered to the first customers last month. Production snags pushed vehicles optioned with body color-matched and contrasting hardtops to at least 2022. Those with molded-in-color Carbonite Gray roofs are leaving the factory now. Unfortunately, it seems at least some of those could’ve used another quality assurance check or two.

Two owners on the Bronco6G forum are reporting various issues, from “snakeskin-like” patterns showing through the plastic top, to headliner separation, warping around the screws that fasten the roof to the chassis and decomposition of “raw,” unfinished edges. Both owners say these defects weren’t present on their Broncos when they received them, and one mentioned he had his example for three weeks before he started noticing flaws.

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Bronco Owners Are Reporting Quality Issues With Hardtops

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