What's the best new car or SUV for first-time EV buyers? This is a very good question, and there is actually no right answer, though we can certainly think of a few solid options. If you asked Kyle Conner, he just might choose the Volkswagen ID.4, despite the fact that it's not a high-performance EV. Kyle loves the ID.4, and for plenty of the right reasons.

Many people would likely say the Tesla Model 3 is the best answer since it's the most popular EV in the world thanks to its range, performance, safety, interior accommodations, and starting price. However, we know there are other people who would advocate against recommending a Tesla to a first-time EV buyer. At the same time, there are folks who believe that if it's not a Tesla, it's a subpar EV.

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WATCH: Is The Volkswagen ID.4 The Better First Car For An EV Buyer?

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