Here we go with ANOTHER sniveling, wimp writer angry because people love pickup trucks so much.

How he got hired at the Globe and Mail to write about cars is the BIGGER mystery.

"For heaven’s sake, why? Most people no longer use pickups to haul bales of hay. They drive them to the mall to shop or the soccer field to drop off their kids. Why anyone thinks they need such a beast to do that is an abiding mystery.

Even if they weren’t polluting and dangerous, the parade of pickups would be a blight on the roadscape and a finger in the eye of other drivers – a way of saying to everyone else: I am bigger, badder and richer than you. A vehicle that started as a practical tool for hard-working people has become, for many, an obnoxious assertion of dominance and division."

Hey Marcus, last i remembered when I lived in Toronto, people were free to make their OWN choices on what they like or buy.

Boo-hoo! Go cry to your mommy. Because Canadians and American's truly don't give a sh_t what you want or think.

And dear auto manufacturers, please pull your ads. Why reward people that have a desire to DESTROY your companies and the livelihoods of the people who depend on you.

Or put him on the next flight to Mars so he can create his own, pickup-truckless utopia.

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Canadian Writer Calls Pickups A PLAGUE On The Streets. Are YOU As Sick Of These SNIVELING Idiot Writers JUDGING Everyone For What They DRIVE?

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