A red and black Bugatti Chiron allegedly owned by Dominican recording artist El Alfa suffered extensive damage from a fire while parked in a garage in Miami. Two videos posted on Instagram by supercar.fails show the aftermath with the burned Chiron sitting next to a black Ferrari that was not affected by the fire.


The Chiron will need a new bonnet, fender, wheel, tire, driver’s side door, and window, as all the aforementioned parts have huge black marks from the fire. We believe that the French hypercar will need a lot more than a simple paint job to get back in original condition, with the high temperatures melting glass, rubber, carbon fiber, and plastic parts in the affected area. Thankfully someone managed to extinguish the fire before the whole car and its surroundings burned to crisp.


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Bugatti Chiron Gets Torched While Sitting In Miami Garage

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