As part of Volkswagen Group, Audi is speeding up the development of electric vehicles and EV technologies. The German automaker could even abandon the combustion engine for its new models starting from 2026. If everything goes on plan, in just five years from now, every new Audi model will be fully electric and even all kinds of hybrids will be retired. That doesn’t mean the brand will lose its singleframe grille, though.

Many manufacturers see the traditional radiator grille as redundant in the electrified era as it is no longer needed for cooling purposes. At Audi, however, the designers see the grille as a distinctive styling element that will continue to play a major part in the brand’s overall design language. The so-called singleframe grille is here to stay regardless of the powertrain technologies hidden underneath the skin.

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Audi To Retain Single Frame Grille On EV Models

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