It seems like the ongoing battle between the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler takes up most of the off-roading headlines these days, but they're far from the only vehicles skipping the highway for something a bit more challenging. There's been Porsche Cayennes, stripped out Lamborghini Huracans, and now, thankfully, there's an ND Miata skipping the asphalt and taking to the dirt.

New wheels and tires were arranged, some parts were removed, and the end result is an otherwise stock ND Miata all set to tackle some trails. The car didn't necessarily get a trial by fire—Moab was not on the menu—but it did get seriously tested on Imogene Pass Road in Colorado. The car's owner, Joel Gat, shared some details of the project with us and explained the challenge of taking the little sports car out of its natural habitat.

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Who Needs A Wrangler Or A Bronco? Get A Miata And Go Off Roading

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