The world right now is a crazy place Spies. We don't have to tell you.

People have literally lost their sanity and although you here ENDLESS cries on the socials for EMPATHY and doing GOOD, MANY people AREN'T empathetic NOR doing good.

Here's a small example.

This person tweets their outrage of how LARGE a STANDARD pickup truck is and IMPLIES others are AFRAID to park next to it.

What have we come to? Seriously? There are not MORE important things to be upset about? You get TRIGGERED when you see a pickup truck in a parking garage?

Tell me Spies, are we about to see an attempt by these sad people to SHAME and CANCEL people for OWNING one or any other traditional utility vehicle?

Will Extreme Liberals And Progressives Set Their Sites On Pickup Truck SHAMING Next And Attempt To CANCEL The People Who Have Them?

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