Even some of the best-rated electric cars on the market today are missing their claimed battery range figures by almost a third, according to real-world test results revealed on Wednesday.

A test of ten of the latest EVs in showrooms revealed that some fell just 3 per cent short of the quoted ranges, while others missed theirs by as much as 29 per cent, according to What Car? magazine.

While a new £25,000 Fiat 500 was furthest shy of its official range in terms of percentage points, a £50,000 Ford Mustang Mach-e - which has a tested range 20 per cent less than advertised - posted the biggest disappearance of miles.

With a claimed range of 379 miles and calculated real-world measurement of 302 miles, it means 77 miles is wiped off what the sales brochure says it can do on a full charge...Seems like they all have ED...Electrile DISFUNCTION. ;)

Full results in article link...

WHAT'S WORSE? Real-World Mileage Vs. EPA OR EV's All Having ED? 'SHOCKING' Results!

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