Maybe you don't think minivans are cool. It wouldn't be all that surprising. They have been seen as so uncool in the past that they nearly became extinct. But now, minivans are making a comeback -- and they are actually becoming quite popular.

Here's why car prices are so high, and why that matters

In fact, there's been so much demand that minivans sold for, on average, 8% above sticker price last month, according to a recent Cox Automotive report. Meanwhile, cars, trucks and SUVs sold for sticker price, which is surprising enough in its own right. Car shoppers can usually negotiate significant discounts on most vehicles but, with production of new cars hampered by computer chip shortages, that's not the case now -- especially with minivans.

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We Deliver To You The MOST Depressing News Of 2021. CNN CLAIMS Minivan's Are Making A COMEBACK!

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