Nobody’s driven the 2022 Ford Maverick yet, so there’s no telling if it’ll meet the hype. If Ford can make good on its promises it’ll probably be a hit. That’s how it seems, anyway, judging by all the people (us included) intrigued at the prospect of a new pickup under $20K with a hybrid powertrain that’ll supposedly return 40 MPG in the city.

That base model received most of the attention upon the Maverick’s reveal for good reason. But of course, it isn’t the only version on offer — there will also be an Ecoboost 2-liter turbo that’ll produce 250 horsepower, rather than the 191 HP of the hybrid. It’s guaranteed to get poorer fuel economy, but it’ll also be the only way to get four-wheel drive in the truck, as the hybrid is front-wheel drive only.

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2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Might Be Special Order Only

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