The exhaust note on a vehicle is a make or break for us when we're thinking of purchasing a vehicle. For example, I'd NEVER buy a Porsche 911 WITHOUT the sport exhaust option.

And we don't feel like we're alone.

So when we saw this post, it struck a note (see what we did there?) and we wanted to open the question up to you.

"A relative picked up his brand new 2021 M4 and is already thinking about trading in the car for something else due to the exhaust note it produces. He even thought there might be something wrong with it until he watched YouTube videos and the such. I have heard VW Golfs with a better exhaust note.

Other then the E90, my opinion is that M3s have always had an ugly note. Am I alone on this?"

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Does The Current BMW M4 Exhaust Sound DISAPPOINT? MANY Say YES? Are YOU In Agreement?

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