You read the news earlier on Auto Spies that Tesla claims that they have 1.2 MILLION orders for the CyberTruck.

You all know I have one on order and even I am blown away even if they sell 1/3 of the 1.2m.

So I thought we'd have a little fun and try to PREDICT how many units Tesla, Ford and Rivian will sell in their first full calendar year on the market, as long as there is decent production availability.

We have nothing against the Ford or the Rivian but we predict they will come NOWHERE even close to the numbers Tesla will put up.

So give us YOUR guesses. And when we look back we can see who was the closest to the real number.

Here is my call....

Tesla CyberTruck 300,000
Ford Lightning        35,000
Rivian Pickup         25,000

Let's go Spies. Give us YOUR numbers...

PREDICT! THINK YOU'RE GOOD? Tell Us HOW MANY Tesla CyberTrucks, Ford Lightning's And Rivian Pickups Will SELL After ONE YEAR On The Market?

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