Spies are reporting that Hyundai and Kia are beyond shocked at the successes of Telluride, Palisade, Sorento, Tucson, etc.

All good SUV's but none really have true off-road jeep/bronco capabilities.

But that may be about to change.

They rolled the dice and the payoff for that has been huge. So we're told by insiders there is SERIOUS consideration to adding a TRUE off-roader or entire family that has the cred in the wild.

And we're told they will pull the same pricing move against the competition and UNDERCUT them like Telluride/Palisade undercut the SUV world.

So much so that a concept is being worked on as we speak. Our guess is Kia will roll their idea FIRST but don't expect our friends at Hyundai to sit still.

Let's face it, I've owned a LOT of Wranglers and I have a Bronco on order. But mid 60's for loaded models is damn steep.

So what's your call Spies? Would a budget Wrangler/Bronco with better quality and reliability be a WINNER for them?

We think they could have another blockbuster in the hopper if they go forward.

RUMOR! Kia And Hyundai SERIOUSLY Considering Adding A Jeep/Bronco Competitor To Their Lineups. SHOULD THEY?

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