Thought extended warranty spam and calls is bad? Add dealers bombarding people to 'OVERPAY' for their used cars and trucks.

You know the offers....Contact us for a quote on your used car. We are paying THOUSANDS over book value!

They never mention WHICH book but it sure is tempting to find out if you can make some BANK.

But we would like to know is are they as EAGER to buy USED EV's?

I have a number of friends with them who I've asked if they've had dealers reach out and the answer 100% of time is No. NADA. Never.

Which makes me wonder. Are they avoiding them LIKE THE PLAGUE?

Tell us friends who work at dealers or with brokers is the interest in buying used EV's as rabid as it it for ICE powered cars and trucks?


Dealers Are Paying STUPID Money For Cars And Trucks. BUT, Are They Stepping Up STRONG For Used EV's OR AVOIDING Them Like The PLAGUE?!

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