Customer delight. Customer satisfaction. HAPPY motoring. The ultimate goal for all companies producing the cars, suv's and trucks we all buy.

But looking at the amount of people who sour on their purchase sooner than ever these days, it's not so easy to be the BEST.

And it is certainly changing. I remember when people bought a BMW and they were over the moon because they could actually own one. And I was one of them. When I got my E39 M5's I could NOT have been happier.

But today, I hardly EVER talk to ANYONE who is ecstatic as an owner. It's like an appliance. Yeah, I got an X5, let's talk about something else. In the old days, you would have had to listen to an HOUR of reasons WHY they got the BIMMER.

SO I'm curious what your experiences are. If you had to pick 3 vehicles/brands today that you see more happiness of ownership which would you say are winning the MOST in 2021?

From YOUR Personal Experiences Which New Vehicle Owners Seem HAPPIEST To YOU In 2021?

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