What's a perfect Saturday to you? For me, it's a nice drive and a stop at the Farmers market, a great coffee and a french pastry. Then a slow ride along the coast to clear the mind, check out the cars and the SCENE.

And quite a scene it is. EVERYONE, has their identity and look. From the outfits, tattoo's (am I the only one left who doesn't have one yet or never drank a WHITE CLAW?), hair colors, etc.

But one thing that always perplexes me as I people watch when I look around at the MAJORITY of cars is....

WHY are American's SO BORING in their color choices for their vehicles in such a colorful world in 2021?

Check this out. White, silver, black, grey. END OF STORY. Maybe one or two red's or blues...

What are YOUR theories Spies? And what is YOUR favorite way to spend a Saturday?

We Live In Such a COLORFUL World Today. So WHY Are American's SO BORING In The Color Choices For Their Vehicles?

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