The car market is surely in a huge state of flux and change. One that makes you wonder who will be left standing 5-10 years from now.

But this article is strictly about the Germans.

The BIG guys.

Mercedes, Audi, BMW, VW, Porsche.

ALL of them are threatened by Tesla and trying to figure out how to play in this ever changing market.

Where all the buzz and focus is on electric strategies even though 98% of their sales are still ICE cars.

In other words, like in our society today in America destroying itself, it is THEY who are hurting themselves the MOST, by making the existing bread and butter cars look UNCOOL compared to the FUTURE EV's  that may NEVER be accepted in mass.

So based on the stage I've set think of the entire product lines from these companies in the USA. Then decide WHICH ONE company has the WEAKEST lineup both now and what trends you see from them coming in the future.

Discuss it at the Sunday dinner table like a Goodfella and then tell us all WHICH ONE you would WHACK in the USA...

If YOU Had To Kill-Off ONE Mainstream German Car Company Selling In The USA, WHICH Would You WHACK?

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