"Get your sedan while you still can.

The Toyota Avalon, Mazda 6 and Volkswagen Passat will soon join the fast-growing list of sedans sent to automotive exile. Americans' unyielding appetite for sport utility vehicles and trucks are certainly one reason. Another? Electric vehicles, some experts say."

Please tell us WHO was considering an AVALON, MAZDA 6 or a PASSAT and bought an EV instead? Did they mean they bought a 4 year OLD EV instead? Because WHO can afford an EV on a Passat or Mazda 6 budget?

It's amazing to us how UNINSIGHTFUL today's mainstream car writers are and COMPLETELY out of touch.

How about we throw out another wild idea? That EV sales SUCK (other than Tesla) because people want suv's with Tesla Model S range for the price of a Model 3.


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ABC News Writer Says EV's Killing Sedans. In Your BEST Hans Gruber Die Hard Voice Say

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