Hard to believe the Jeep Wrangler JL is already THREE years old, going on FOUR.

And even though, as a long time owner of MANY Wranglers, if you remember I called the new JL a LAZY, UNINSPIRED, SAFE PLAY redo.

Yet, I've owned TWO now since the JL has come out.


Because they had NO competition and the new one was better than the old one.

But things have changed. If Ford ever get's this Bronco quality/manufacturing issue fixed, Jeep will REALLY have their work cut out for them.

And the launch of a 392 and the Xe is NOT good enough.

They need to make a MOVE on the refresh and ONE-UP Ford and others us, there are.

So tell us what YOU would recommend they do. And give us DETAILS.

I'll start with a few while you get your thinking caps on.

1. The interior needs to OWN the sexy utilitarian space and STOP looking like a BUTCH FIAT. And while you're at it, a RED dash on a yellow Jeep looks AWFUL. Color code them. Or use a cooler material.
2. Seeing the weakest spot SO FAR for the Bronco is the roof, use the idea I gave Jeep in 2015 that they've never done. Add a SAFARI-like old school Defender roof option but modernized with an ELECTRIC full glass, panorama roof. Are you listening MORRISON?

Like THIS only cooler....

3. STOP with the corny packages like the 'Green Mountain Edition' and add some BADASSERY! How about something like the APOCALYPTO edition? Or the GRIM REAPER or GOPRO edition.

4. Ramp up the body camera's and tech to so all those cool spots can be recorded from different angles and shared easily through the Uconnect to socials or AUTO SPIES.


6. MAYBE, even a take off on the old Levi's seats but this time with UGGS! Sheepskin seats, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHO, wouldn't want those?

Well you get the idea.

Spies...add to my list!

The New Jeep Wrangler JL Came Out As A 2018 Model. What Do They NEED To Do To The SOON Coming Refresh, To SLOW The Ford Bronco MOMENTUM?

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