Get ready to see more of the larger kidney grilles that has been appearing on new BMW models of late, as the automaker is going to introduce even more of them in the future, says BMW VP of design Adrian van Hooydonk.

BMW will continue to evolve its designs, and the carmaker wants to keep its “strong characters,” van Hooydonk said. “I think the brands will develop faster now. With BMW i, we started a cleaner form language for the electric cars and now that electric is going to be a part of the core of the brand, you’ll see that the design of i products will begin to influence the core of the brand, so it’s going to be a cleaner look,” he said.

The design VP noted that there will always be people who remark that they prefer the design of a certain generation of the past, “but the fact of the matter is, the product like the 3 Series has found more and more customers with each generation. So I think you do have to keep moving, as a brand, with all your products.”

“First and foremost, people care about what we do. And that’s always nicer than when you work very hard and nobody cares,” the VP of design said.

“So, you have to say that cars are part of popular culture. And that means that people care.

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