Mainstream auto dealers can come about interesting vehicles in a few ways. They can come from an owner’s personal collection. They can be trade-ins. Or they can just besomething cool the dealer picked up at an auction to drive foot traffic. One or two on a lot is something. But as one Kia dealer shows, more than a handful of exotics in your inventory is something else entirely.

Reader of the site Adam Jata sent us a tip to check out Kia of Riverdale in Riverdale, NJ and its used car inventory. For there to be a car shortage right now affecting both the new and used market, they have a pretty healthy inventory of over 120 used cars. But sprinkled among those models for the poors are a bunch of rich man’s toys, a few of which are models that just recently debuted but are somehow already on sale used.

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KIA Dealer Answers The Shortage Of Cars With An Inventory Of Used Exotics

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