Indian Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari nailed the point that Tesla will not be able to export Giga Shanghai Model 3 and Model Y vehicles from China to India. It is the most recent development in Tesla’s road to sell and manufacture its vehicles in India, a process that has taken over four years to configure.

Gadkari has been in contact with Tesla officials for several days, he says. However, he has repeatedly told the company’s executives that cars sold in the Indian market must be manufactured there, and the government will not accept any imports from other countries. Tesla has established its Chinese production facility, known as Giga Shanghai, as somewhat of an export hub in 2021. It all began in January when the automaker went back on its word that it would not ship China-built cars to Europe to handle demand spikes.

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India Road Transport Minister Tells Tesla It Can't Sell Chinese Built Vehicles In India

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