We've been the ONLY major car site to say these words...

The most damage being done to brands that compete with Tesla has been done by their OWN volition.

Wait, what?

Yes. Through PANIC and FEAR of Tesla and BELIEVING their highly left biased advisors and the media, they have pretty much destroyed the buzz around EVERY non-EV product they build.

When a customer hears say a BMW exec saying EV's are the future and we will someday lead in that space, they might as well have said. ALL OUR CURRENT PRODUCTS ARE OBSOLETE AND NO LONGER THE ULTIMATE. Translated into English. YOU KILLED the 3-Series and other models ALL on your own! WHAT did you expect?

Now, compound the constant media pressure (95% very biased to the left) that gas cars are BAD, you are bad if you own one and you should be forced someday to buy one, the customer begins to BELIEVE this message loud and clear.

And in turn, they have made Tesla and Elon the beneficiary and have forever destroyed the reputation of the money makers they produce..

So we find it interesting that the CO-FOUNDER of Tesla feels the SAME as us and believes the legacy car companies have not done the math. And warns it might not be a win for them in the end.

Take a listen to the interview and let us know your thoughts.

WATCH! Has The RACE To Go ALL EV, Done the BIGGEST Damage To The Solvency Of Anyone Competing With Elon? The Tesla Co-Founder Thinks So And Says The Math DOESN'T Work.

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