It's no secret Hyundai and KIA changed the pricing game when it comes to SUV bang for the buck.

Go load up a Lexus RX, Acura MDX, Volvo XC90, BMW X5, Audi Q7 and more and you'll be close to the $70k price delta. Kia and Hyundai do all of that for UNDER $50k. And in our opinion they would be our choice even if price was identical.

Oh, and they also have DOUBLE the warranty.

So when I came across a new 2022 BMW X3 3.0 getting gassed up for delivery I took a quick look at the sticker and I was kind of shocked that it was $48k.

See for yourself:

Now don't get us wrong. I drove the latest X3 in Palm Springs a couple years back at a BMW press event.

I was impressed how far it came since the first gen and how close in size it was to the original BMW X5.

But after having two Telluride's under my belt and driving a number of Palisades, the X3 isn't even in the same league.

So, I need to ask all of you saavy buyers.....

Give us ONE GOOD REASON in 2021 to buy the X3 over a Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy or Telluride SX.


SUV WARS! A 2022 Well Equipped BMW X3 3.0 Is Around $48k. But So Is The Hyundai Palisade And Kia Telluride. Give Us ONE GOOD Reason To Buy The BMW Over Those?

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