Tiff Needell flies out to Frankfurt, Germany, to test a little red Corvette! A car that is now on sale in Europe for the first time!

The Corvette has been produced for over 60 years and now in it's 8th series, it has a mid-engine layout and no manual gearbox option for the first time ever with the new Corvette Stingray. It's even being offered with right hand drive!

With 483HP from the 6.2L, small block V8, this is the most power a standard Corvette has ever had, with only the Z versions of the cars having more than this. This is matched with clever suspension, with Corvettes MagneRide, that absorbs the bumps even in the most extreme driving modes. 0-62MPH takes 3.5 seconds.

VIDEO REVIEW: Tiff Needell Drives The New Corvette, FINALLY Available In Europe. Did He Think It Was 'JOLLY GOOD'? WATCH!

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