"She was walking there cuz she wants to be seen, if she didn't want to talk or be seen and chatted with reporters, then don't walk through the middle of the media event area during the media time. Simple"

"Brundle is one of the most respected ex drivers now in commentary and has done grid walks for 20+ years.  I haven’t a clue who Megan is not do I care but Brundle being straight with the lackey made me laugh "

"If her bodyguard or PR man had any idea how many new people she could have been introduced to worldwide by talking with Martin for another 30 seconds, they wouldn't have kept walking. They were guests in Martin's house there."

What do YOU think happened here Spies?

Megan Thee Stallion SHUTS DOWN Former Racer Martin Brundle As HE Tries To Interview Her At F1 USGP. The World Is Still Trying To Figure Out Why?

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