GM keeps telling the world they're moving towards an all-electric future.

So far, the stock has gone up solely based on this utopian future and a glimpse at the Cadillac Lyriq and Hummer EV.

And based on mostly speculation, the ass kissing mainstream media has totally bought into it and has given them a pass.

But as you saw in the article we posted yesterday, neither of these products were even AT the LA Auto Show. Even in prototype form.

You GOTTA admit, that's kind of weird.

The biggest potential market for EV's and you have nothing to show?

What are we missing here?

Now let's switch gears and just focus on those two products. Hummer EV and Lyriq.

Can YOU envision the quintessential EV sales prospect driving EITHER of these around LA in ANY volume?

Because we sure can't in any business sustaining volumes.

In fact, we can't even imagine either of those models selling at Mustang Mach-E volumes (Just over 21k sold so far in 2021)

And challenging Tesla? FUGGETABOUTIT!

In closing, we'd like you to tell us HOW GM 's all-electric future ends up any other way than a total implosion of the kind of sales volumes needed to survive long-term?

Will ANY Of The Upcoming GM EV’s Even Beat Mustang Mach-E Sales Volume?

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