It's almost boring at this point when you hear any auto execs give a speech. Electric is the future, climate change, future utopia because of green initiatives, blah, blah, blah.

And don't get the wrong impression by this article.

We have nothing against electric vehicles but just like with virtually EVERYTHING in society today SO MUCH is getting OVERBLOWN.

NO, 50% of cars WON'T be EV's by 2030. Probably not even for a LONG time after.

But it's UNFASHIONABLE to tell the truth.

We are so far away from an infrastructure that could support it even if it happened. Oops, can't say that?! Here come the goose steppers to cancel us!

But hopefully, you are smart enough to see through it and realize the yes EV market share will grow but nowhere near what they hope for or where it needs to be for the all or nothing crowd like the AOC's.

Now just like with anything in business many will SAY they have an electric future and that great products are coming but you and I know many will FAIL. In fact, more will fail than succeed if you want my honest take on it.

So the question for you is WHICH auto company/companies will fail the WORST trying to transition to the world of EV's? C'mon man, you KNOW there has to be duds in all this!

Let's go Spies, NAME AND SHAME!

NAME AND SHAME: In 5 Years WHICH Major Auto Company Claiming ELECTRIC IS THE FUTURE, Will Fail The WORST With Their Initiatives?

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