Accepted wisdom has it electric cars are the best compromise for making private transport as green as possible. But an interesting study by Volvo paints a more complex picture, illustrated by the fact its XC40 range offers a genuine like-for-like comparison with ICE, plug-in hybrid and fully electric models all built on shared foundations and in the same factory. Volvo has taken this opportunity to compare the full lifecycle carbon footprint of each type of XC40 from the raw materials and production processes required to manufacture it, fuelling it and driving it over a projected lifespan of 200,000km (or 124,000 miles) and then disposal at the end.

Shock news? Building a C40 results in 70 per cent more emissions than making an XC40 with a regular ICE motor, both cars being built on the same platform and sharing many of their parts. In material and component terms alone the batteries account for nearly a third of the footprint of building a C40 or XC40 Recharge.

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SHOCK NEWS? Building An EV Results In 70% MORE Emissions than Building A Regular ICE Car! How Do YOU Feel About That?

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