It appears that Ford dealerships’ “market adjustments” on the Mustang Mach-E are ironically ushering in more sales for other electric vehicle makers like Tesla. As shared recently by members of the EV community, the buying experience for Ford’s well-reviewed all-electric crossover could become so challenging at times; it eventually becomes easier to order a Tesla instead. 

Such a story was recently shared in the r/TeslaModel3 subreddit, with user u/OrderlyMayhem noting that he actually really wanted to get a Mustang Mach-E. As the EV enthusiast looked around for the all-electric crossover, however, it became evident that Ford dealerships would not accept pre-orders of the vehicle without adding a markup. This was something that the EV buyer did not want to do, so he opted to send a message to a Ford executive, asking for help.

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Ford Executive Advises Potential Mach-E Buyer To Buy A Model 3 Instead

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