Wow did this guy have her ON THE ROPES!

Two things you'll notice.

1. She was unprepared in her knowledge of the company she runs.
2. Virtually NO ONE is buying her SPIN. And 100%, it was ALL SPIN.

Also, watch her body language. MAN, was she squirming...

Check out some of the comments:


why do you build some of your most profitable products in Mexico, and then out the other side of your mouth say you're concerned about the American middle class??? What a load of B.S.


For some reason the middle class can get f_cked in the ass and be told "we arent f_cking you in the ass" and they go "oh ok"


Sad but true. That’s the way the modern elite class rolls. Take something built by others and extract as much as possible from it while boxing out anyone else from having the same opportunity. (Often unfairly through the government instead of winning purely on merit to the customer).
Or even more, attempting to box out people from innovating and creating something better.
Founders who took the risk and grew companies from nothing, when there was no guarantee of success, like Elon Musk, are few and far between nowadays in mega corporations. Instead we have things like the modern political elite (both sides of isle) and corporate elite who are just really good at saying the right things no matter how untrue they are, and making sure they get there’s first, often at the expense of others.


It is really hard to tell if she's doing the gaslighting or if she's been totally gaslit. First Movers? Is she insane? She also doesn't even address the fact that they're building in non-UAW shops in Mexico and China lol.


She keeps saying "first mover" but Tesla IS the first mover. Without them, people were expecting 150-200 mile range cars to come out 2030/2040. You have to be sh_tting me.


She will be responsible for the loss of jobs of a lot of GM employees.


I actually interviewed for a role at GM as a software engineer.
I can tell you that the total compensation package is about 50% of most tech companies in the bay area. While Tesla pays more than most tech companies.
My partner is an optometrist, she operates at a practice in Milpitas, just a few exits away from Tesla's Fremont Plant. I can tell you that the insurance benes are the same for all employees, engineers and assembly workers, and the are phenomenal. The insurance at GM was only good because it was under an engineering arm of the company.
I do not work for Tesla or GM.


which is hilarious as GM's next EVs are the Hummer and Lyriq which are decidedly not middle class. If anything the Hummer is just as obnoxious as before; the damn thing weighs over nine thousand pounds!!!


The real tragedy is that even with these unfair subsidies they won't make it.


Digging her own EV grave. And unfortunately, probably her employees too.


RIP GM. Legacy OEMs are so over leveraged with debt, they can’t compete with what tesla is doing. Unions, third party manufacturers, dealerships etc.

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