You've probably seen the news of the craziness of the I-95 debacle in Virginia but if not here is a quick look...

Have you noticed in ALL the coverage that NONE of the media asked this question?

If you were unfortunate enough to get stranded in that mess, what did you do if you were driving an EV?

And you know WHY no one asked that...because it would go AGAINST the agenda the media obeys at ALL times.

EV's no matter what whether you want them or not.

And WHO CARES if you own one and were jammed in the middle of that fiasco. YOU WRECKED THE CLIMATE SO SUFFER LOSERS!

So let's here YOUR opinion...what does someone do in that scenario or others like it of they are driving an EV? And is that one of the many reasons why you don't drive one or many never own one?

ANOTHER Question The Auto Media WON'T Ask. If YOU Were STUCK In That Disaster On The I-95 This Week, WHAT Did You Do If You Drove An EV?

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