Alright. We'll just come out and say it...

Isn't A LOT of the buzz around new vehicles like Bronco, Lightning and others SOLELY about FLIPPING them versus OWNING them.

And if manufacturers REALLY crack down on resale of these vehicles won't they just be shooting THEMSELVES in the foot?

Because IF for the first time they will actually TAKE ACTION not just PRETEND to care won't they KILL A LOT of potential sales?

We read about these vehicles and are subscribed to many of the fan groups to read the scoops. And if we had to guess in a percentage, we would say 75% of the excitement is the FLIPPING aspect versus 25% of people actually enjoying OWNERSHIP of the products.

What say you Spies?

Will these guys be killing sales by taking away the hope (much of it false) that by buying one it's EASY MONEY?


INCONVENIENT TRUTH? Aren't MANY People Buying And Reserving Bronco's, Lightning's And Others JUST TO FLIP And NOT To KEEP And DRIVE?

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