As a huge Jeep fan I can't tell you how disappointed I am to write this buy OMG the new 2022 Wagoneer side profile is just hideous. If there was a hall of fame of hideousness, it would be the latest inductee.

Every time I look at it I scratch my head and say with a heritage like they have, HOW THE HELL did they NOT just make a modern version of the icon.

Big hips and shoulders, badass tires/wheels, stealth upper glass and a front that looked like it could take on baja unmodified. and kill the woody facade.

But they decided THIS was the jam...

it has ZERO juice. ZERO.

Looks like a Korean ambulance.

Overweight, out of proportion (wheels to body) and those side windows! RUBBISH.

The exterior is no match for its beautiful interior. Sad.

So Spies, NAME a MORE hideous looking profile on an SUV than the 2022 Wagoneer. It's gonna be tough! DAMN tough!

NAME An SUV With A MORE HIDEOUS Profile Than The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer? Good Luck!

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