Lamborghini first announced its future plans in May 2021, confirming a fully electrified lineup by 2024 and its first EV by the end of the decade. Lamborghini CEO, Stephan Winkelmann now shares a bit more information on the brand’s first electric model, saying it will be a 2+2 or four-seater with increased ground clearance.


More specifically, Winkelmann told Autocar: “When it comes to the first full-electric car, it’s clear that our approach is clear and prudent. Clear because we say: ‘Yes, electrification is part of our future’. And prudent because we say: ‘It’s a completely new car – the fourth model’. It’s a segment we haven’t been in for decades, if we speak about a 2+2 or four-seater, maybe also high from the ground, with more ground clearance”.

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Lamborghini Boss Hints That First EV Will Be An Electric 2+2 Followed By An Electric Urus

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