Tesla released a new video to its YouTube channel today to show off its super-effective HEPA filter, which when combined with Bioweapon Defense Mode, keeps nearly all traces of pollution and particulate matter out of the cabin.

Tesla has used the HEPA filter and Biodefense Mode in the Model Y since 2020. It has been installed in other vehicles, namely, the Model X and Model S, for many years. In the new test video, the Model Y goes up against another vehicle that does not have a HEPA-grade filter or Bioweapon Defense Mode. The purpose of the test was to show the effectiveness of the HEPA filter and Bioweapon mode, especially as Tesla claims it takes “up to 99.97% or greater” of particulate matter out of the air, providing safe and pollution-free air for the cabin’s occupants.

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Tesla Shows Off Bioweapon Defense Mode - It Might Be Overkill But Is It Omicron Safe?

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