Gas prices, mileage and range is on a lot of peoples minds these days with the craziness of gas prices over the last 14 months.

I was lucky to be able to sell my young 00's two 2019 Fusion Hybrids and poach a 21 Escape Hybrid AWD SE Sport ($31k net after 3k black Friday rebate and 0% for 60 months) and a 22 Hyundai Santa Fe SEL Convenience Plug-in hybrid ($41,850 MSRP, 0% for 48 months).

I got the plug-in Santa Fe not because I was actually LOOKING for one, I just wanted a hybrid.

But when the salesman showed me there was a 7k tax right-off on the plug-in, it ended up being CHEAPER than just the hybird. Plus, he only had the plug-in on the ground. So I bit.

And it's a nice product that is getting 30 miles on a 100% charge. Nice, but NOT enough to allow all EV driving most days.

To do that it would need to give about 60 miles.

So for me, if I had to pick a number to make it impossible to say no to a plug-in, it would be 100 miles on a full charge. To me, that would be the IDEAL number for me to never go back to a 100 ICE vehicle as a daily driver.

What about for YOU?

How many miles of range would make you not be able to say NO to the plug-in version of a vehicle?

What Is The PERFECT Amount Of PLUG-IN ALL EV Range In Order To Make YOU Consider One?

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