Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the Volvo V90 Cross Country, the raised all-wheel-drive version of Volvo’s V90 estate, and came away thoroughly impressed.

The Volvo first appeared on Jeremy’s radar during a recent Grand Tour filming expedition to the Arctic Circle. The production team hired a fleet of new Volvos that made a pleasant change, Clarkson said, from the off-roaders the team had previously hired on other shoots, which were unreliable and “held together with bailer twine”.

“Having a Volvo is like going to the dentist. It’s something you’ve got to get out of the way, so you might as well do it now.”

Jeremy, who also lately described a Volvo as being a perfect OAP accessory alongside sprouting nose and ear hair, a jumper full of holes and a tartan shopping trolley. His time spent with the “completely faultless” V90 Cross Country though, has, it seems, made him reconsider his opinion.

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