From about 1996-2014, I was one of the most LOYAL BMW buyers.

And I was a huge fan of the company and have many friends there (maybe not after this).

Now to be fair, I don't expect companies to do everything I desire or want.

But I don't know ANYONE who has been faithful fan/owner who is EXCITED about ANYTHING they make anymore. NOTHING.

And after seeing the 2023 BMW 7-Series I have to say the interior is even WORSE looking than the BUCKTOOTH 4-Series.

I mean at first glance, it's like a Lexus LS GONE WRONG.

So I ask...THIS is the product you introduce with HOPES to challenge TESLA?

We assure you NO ONE will cancel an order for Tesla and wait for this dirigible.

I mean if the original Infiniti Q45 was an EV, this would be it.

Dear BMW, WAKE UP before it's TOO LATE!


So WHO Is CANCELLING Their TESLA Order And Waiting For The 2023 BMW 7-Series! Answer…NO ONE!

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