A recent CBS News survey has found that about one-third of adults in America would consider purchasing an electric vehicle if they were in the market for a car. However, roughly 40% admitted that they wouldn’t consider the purchase of an electric car.

The survey found that even among individuals who cited gas prices as a reason they felt the economy was in a bad state, a large number would prefer buying a gas-powered vehicle over an electric or hybrid vehicle.

The interviews were conducted between April 5–8, 2022.

YET, most of the major media wants you to THINK EVERYONE is ready to dump ICE vehicles and no longer have a desire for them.

So THIS is the question.

If $6.00 PLUS per gallon doesn't change their minds what can or will?

EVEN With Gas OVER $6.00 A GALLON, Survey Shows Almost HALF Of Americans Have ZERO Desire To Drive An EV.

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