On one level, this is a battle of philosophies. In the Toyota you have the classic front-engine/rear-drive coupe, represented here by the Supra in its four-cylinder form, less powerful than the straight-six but lighter and better-balanced, boasting that holy grail 50:50 weight distribution. Then you have the Cayman, also four-cylinder, representing the mid-engined layout and its low polar moment of inertia. Obviously, it’s no happy coincidence that their loans coincide with a booking at the Bedford Autodrome. It’s cold and a bit damp but that’s just fine. 

These may be the least potent versions of their ranges but the Supra’s BMW-sourced, turbocharged 2-litre in-line four still pumps out a useful 254bhp and, just as pertinently, an impressive 295lb ft from just 1550rpm. This is fed to a pair of fat 285/40 ZR18 Michelin Pilot Super Sports via an electrically controlled, adaptive limited-slip diff. Sounds like a recipe for exciting on- and over-the-limit adventures.

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Four Cylinder Madness: Toyota Supra 2.0 v Porsche 718 Cayman

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