Henrik discussed the Fisker Ocean electric SUV. He talked about its unique position in both design, battery, and price. Fisker briefly mentioned the Fisker PEAR during the interview. The news host went on to ask about the EV industry as a whole and what it needs for further adoption. According to Fisker, the EV industry needs more long range battery options and affordable pricing.

Here are some interesting highlights from CEO’s interview on FOX News:

* Fisker Ocean has full length solar roof
* Described it as the most sustainable vehicle in the world (they use lots of recyclable materials for example carpets are made out of recyclable plastic bottles and fishing nets from the ocean + all  vegan leather interior)
* Also has a very unique leasing structure (no limit on years for payment terms + they own the assets over 8 years and consumers directly lease from Fisker + they already have banks lined up to finance those leases so basically you can give back the vehicle at anytime even after 1 month if you wanted)
* On base model down payment is approx 2.9k and monthly payment 279$, including full warranty
* They will be listed on NYSE in September

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