Who’s ready for a BMW 2 Series showdown?!

The last generation full-fat BMW M2 goes head-to-head with the new M2 ‘lite’, the M240i!

So let’s see how these two BMW coupes compare. Starting with the M2, it’s powered by a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six that can deliver 410hp & 550Nm of torque. Its power is delivered to the rear wheels only, and it weighs in at 1,575kg.

As for the M240i, well it also comes equipped with a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six, although the power output is a bit less, at 374hp and 500Nm. It’s also a bit heavier, tipping the scales at 1,690kg, but it’s got one key advantage - it’s equipped with all-wheel drive!

They both roll-up with launch control, but will four-wheel drive prove the difference?!

CAR WARS VIDEO! BMW M2 Vs. BMW M240i Drag Race! WHO Wins? Place Your Bets!

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