Land Rover argued ‘boulders’ were clearly visible in the reversing image used in the advert
The ASA added: ‘We considered some viewers would therefore interpret that to mean that the car’s parking sensors could recognise when drivers might be reversing near a drop, which might include a smaller hill edge or a drop before water found in on-road areas, both in urban and more rural settings.

‘Because we understood the car’s parking sensors reacted to objects behind the vehicle, rather than to empty space such as a drop, and the rocks were not sufficiently prominent to counter that interpretation, we concluded that the ads misleadingly represented the parking sensor feature.’

In a statement, Jaguar Land Rover said it was ‘very disappointed’ in the decision as ‘the vehicle, technology and the scene represented is factual’.

It added: ‘We will of course abide by their ruling which was based on only two complaints.’

All we can say is SERIOUSLY?

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