You know something isn't going well when the NY Times starts blaming you and I for the lukewarm adoption of EV's.

It's NOT the low range, high cost, inconveniences, new taxes, unexciting designs, etc. Or the belief that driving and ev and getting taxed to death to fight climate change won't produce the result they claim will occur if everyone switches from ICE to EV. OR that most people don't believe the world is ending in ten years because of not tackling these issues. It's YOUR fault. It's YOUR misconceptions of how safe they are.

Isn't that rich?

Newsflash! They're too expensive, they take too long to charge, most are ugly, MOST are BORING to drive, on and on.

Check out how the Times is starting to try to have 'outs' if mass adoption fails.

"Price is one obstacle to consumer acceptance of E.V.s, but that is likely to become less of a concern as increased production leads to economies of scale and as advancing technology reduces costs. Another obstacle that may not be easily overcome is perceived vehicle safety.

E.V.s have not benefited from good press. In March, a Tesla caught fire and burned for hours after running off a road near Fillmore, Calif. And last year, General Motors had to warn Bolt buyers that they couldnt park their cars indoors after some vehicles caught fire while charging.

Though these fires generated headlines, E.V. angst appears to be unwarranted."

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BLAME The Consumer For Dismal EV Adoption. When The NY Times Starts Blaming You And I For The Failing Green Agenda You KNOW It's Not Going Well.

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