GM's CEO, Mary Barra, recently told Yahoo Finance that the company would overtake Tesla by mid-decade, which is technically less than three years away. “We have said that by mid-decade, we will be selling more EVs in this country than anyone else, including Tesla," Barra told Yahoo Finance.

According to Barra, GM plans to achieve that by selling relatively affordable EVs.“Remember, we're not necessarily just selling at the premium end,” Barra said. “We're going to have electric vehicles affordable at $30,000.”

HONESTLY, have you ever read such BS?

They will have COMPETITIVE vehicles in the 30k price range in today's market with inflation?

Two comments:

1. They'll NEVER beat Tesla but to be fair, no one will.
2. Their main demographic wants NOTHING to do with EV's, so GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

NONE of their EV's are interesting in the least. At least ford has some compelling EV's but GM? Bleh...

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HOW GM Plans To Top Tesla. Or As We Like To Call It, That Will Happen WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER.

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