For those of us who were/are lucky enough to have an AMAZING mother, let us share with each other, praise for her greatness.

It IS after all her day today and it is right to brag and reminisce.

So tell us some car related stories about your mama and let us know WHAT was her DREAM RIDE growing up.

And WHICH would you buy her for a gift today if you were able?

I know my mother Valentina loved luxury cars over sporty cars. She loved the Chrysler Imperial Convertible.

And if she was alive today I would buy her a LWB Range Rover.

Tell us your stories and your pick for her?

And to ALL the Mother's, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from Auto Spies!

MOTHER'S DAY 2022-Tell Us WHICH Ride IS Or WAS YOUR Mother's Dream Car Growing Up. And WHICH Would You Give Her As A GIFT In 2022?

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