"The customer needs the correct infrastructure to be put in place to live with the cars.”

And with THAT statement, the VW boss ties the EV goal timelines that the climate people are pushing for back in the laps of the government delivery of the correct amount of infrastructure to SUPPORT the sales needed.

Speaking at the Financial Times’s Future of the Car summit, Diess set out ambitions for 7-8% of the Volkswagen Group’s sales to be electric this year, rising to 25% by 2025 and 50-60% by 2030, highlighting that the issue with growing faster isn't down to customer demand but creating infrastructure to support their manufacture and operation.

“Our goal is to be the world leader in EV sales by 2025. We have a very ambitious plan to achieve that and have invested hugely to achieve it, but some analysts aren't taking the amount of effort required to achieve our goals seriously enough,” said Diess.

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That NASTY Infrastructure! VW CEO DIESS Let's The TRUTH Slip? That The EV Goals WON'T Be Met As Fast As Projected? And That The DEATH Of ICE Cars Is OVERSTATED?

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