If you can believe it, gas prices are going up AGAIN (like they already weren't high enough!).

MID SIXES in LA Area and we haven't even started to hear the 'summer blend' BS upcharge stuff!

And it got me thinking...OBVIOUSLY, the left loves this because they believe if they can make fossil fuel prices go out of sight then all will see the light and convert to EV. So don't expect ANY help short term because this was planned.

But even IF say Trump ran again and WON, would gas ever go back down to those glorious under $2.00 a gallon days?

And for those who think SUB 2.00 per gallon gas never happened in California here are two shots of the station I use when in state.

1st is 3/1/2020

And 2nd is 3/1/2022

Our question tonight is are these euro-style prices here forever or can a regime change bring prices back to those recent glory days?


Will These GAS Prices Become The NEW NORMAL For GOOD Or Will We Someday Go Back To The Trump Under $2.00 A Gallon Days?

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